New Deployments in Simplicity Studio with C++ project are not working

I´ve realised that new projects I create are not able to complete the inference as the classification it fails to read memory as you can see in the following pictures:

I know this issue is due to some change because I realised that ei_classifier_porting.cpp on silabs folder has changed and also because the previous images belong to a deployment made today of a project that is already being executed, as you can see in the next images:

Working model (deployed on May 8th):

Not working model (deployed today, June 15th):

If anyone can help with this I’ll be so grateful.

It turns out that it was because of CMSIS-NN was enabled. However is it possible to use CMSIS-NN while having my project in C? and if it is so, what flagh should I define?

I’m using a custom board with efr32mg22c224f512im40-c MCU

Hi @JosuGaztelu

Thanks for reporting this, and for the detail, looking into it now. I will file a bug if its reproducible on my side.



Hi @JosuGaztelu
To make sure you are using the CMSIS-NN from Edge Impulse SDK, set the following global define:

Could you also explain whether you are building C or C++ project? I recommend to set a project type to C++ which allows you to normally use all C constructs, while building our SDK without any issues.

Best regards,