"Neuras Network(Keras)" does not appear under "Add learning block".

I want to make an example of voice recognition. I have “down” and “up” datasets. I uploaded these. But I didn’t see this option. How can i solve this problem. Thank you from now.

Hi @zeynepdicle, you can add the Classification (Keras) block.

how can i do to add the Classification (Keras) block

@zeynepdicle In the screenshot that you have just click on “Add” next to the ‘Classification (Keras)’ block.

We changed some of the terminology now that we have multiple classification blocks. Where did you see the “Neural Network (Keras)” still being mentioned?

Okayy :slight_smile: thank you :innocent: :innocent:
I see this youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRSVQ4Fkwjc&ab_channel=Digi-Key

Hi , just wanted to say that i had the same issue as the post but from a different source, it was in the coursera course Week 3 video “Audio Feature Extraction”, at around 8 minutes 55 second into the video there’s the step to add a neural network as a learning block after adding a Audio(Mfcc) processing block.

Also thanks for the course it really helped me a lot :slight_smile: