Need example to deploy my impulse to Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

Hi, I’m newbie to embedded machine learning, especially using edge impulse. I have created my own model to classify noise and have downloaded the model in Arduino Library. This project is similar to continuous audio classification. I have upload the example project to my Arduino, but nothing happen in serial monitor which I expected is showing classification. Anyone can give me example how to show the classification from microphone input in serial monitor? I’ve search it in Edge Impulse documentation, but seems I haven’t found the example suitable for me .
Thanks in advance

Hello @alvinzulham,

Can I make sure you selected the right baudrate in Arduino’s serial monitor before investigating further please?



Thanks for responded my question. The example project not showing anything because I using wrong frequency when creating impulse, switch from 48000 to 16000 solved my problem. From this thread Arduino IDE Serial monitor issue - Edge Impulse

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