Nano 33 BLE with OV7670 and SG90 Micro-servo motor

First I wanted to thank The Edge Impulse team.

I’ve been using Edge Impulse for Transfer Learning (Images) and Object Detection on my Nano 33 BLE. And I wanted to add SG90 Micro-servo motor so when every time the camera detects an object the servo motor would work or turn. Is that possible?
If it’s possible, what line of the code should I put it?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I worked on a project that involved object detection. I needed to display the results on an OLED display, so I added custom code to define a minimum threshold of 80%. The condition I set was to take the inference results, compare them with the threshold, and display the class detected and the inference score on the screen if the inference result was equal to or greater than the threshold.

Regarding your question, my suggestion is to edit the EL file and add scripts that control the Micro-servo motor based on inference results.

Please let me know if it worked for you.