Motor data at different RPMs and two different states


I collected data from a motor at different RPMs creating different labels for a balanced state.
Similarly, collected data at same as previous RPMs by creating imbalance in the motor.

At each RPM, I have collected 10s data at 100 Hz sampling frequency 5 sets in balanced condition and unbalanced condition.
I trained the network using spectral features, but it took 18 classes instead of 2 ( each having 9 RPM states with 5 sets of data ) leading poor accuracy.
Now i would like to merge the data of all RPMs belongs to

balanced state as “Good” and unbalanced state as “Bad” and train the network.

Pls suggest me how to merge data.

Hi @HST20,

You can rename your labels as “good” or “bad” either using the UI as shown below, or by writing a small script using the API (list all samples and edit labels:

However if you don’t have that many samples and you have them stored on your PC, the fastest way can be to remove all your existing samples (Dashboard -> Delete all data), and re-upload them using the labels "good"or “bad”.


@HST20, yeah there are 2 possibilities:

  1. Use the API to do the rename.
  2. Re-upload. You can also go to Dashboard > Export to download the original files, then go to Data Acquisition > Upload to upload them again and then set a label.
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