Motion recognition with accelerometer on jetson nano


Hello, my problem is as follows: I have a motion recognition model under Jetson nano using an ADXL345 accelerometer. I have implemented via the TensorRT project for nvidia the model and it works for a static data coming from the features of a piece of signal of the model given by edge impulse, I even manage to send the prediction by MQTT to a broker under node-red. Now I’m trying to do the same with dynamic sensor data sent by MQTT to the broker and read by the jetson to run the classifier based on the exemple from edge impulse youtube page ( . Except I get the following error:

Then when i run it with gdb i have this:

And i dont understand why, could you help me ?

Thers is my custom.cpp code :

Then there is my makefile :

There is the part of code for the sending data in MQTT to the broker at 62,5 Hz :

There is some example of value in the broker seen in MQTT explorer for exemple :

Project ID: 292591

And i think i’m gonna have a problem with the out_ptr , offset and length parameters cause i have following the video posted for a Particle Photon 2

Can someone can help me to fix this segmentation issue and for the setting parameters for this example and not for a Particle Photon 2 please?

Ps: And do you think that this could be works if i implented it on an IPC Beckhoff?

Hello i change my custom.cpp on my tensorRT for jetson project by that but i figure the same error issue :

Error :

And i juste have these type of error when i build my application with APP_CUSTOM=1 TARGET_JETSON_NANO=1 make -j instead of what i used in the past message as APP_CUSTOM=1 TARGET_JETSON_NANO=1 make -j2 :

I couldn’t find an solution can someone can help me with this custom app build and MQTT reading data problem ?

@louis @jenny @shawn_edgeimpulse

Hi @vazquezmunoz

I’ve been working with the Jetson nano adding custom sensors. Let me try to help.

Can you share a gist or repo so we can review the source? Thanks!



Hi @Eoin , how are you?

Thanks for your reply and help. Yes for sure i’m in class for the moment and don’t have the target with me but i can send you this in 2-3 hours.

@Eoin i have encountered many problem to make a github and synchronize the folder with it. Do you have any work email or something like that where i can share you a .zip of my folder

Ps : if you have one and don’t wanna expose it to don’t get a lot of email from other user can you send me a first request of folder at ?

Sorry I cant share access that way, git or gist if you can. Thanks!



@Eoin Hello, since your past message i was able to fix my problem with github, there is the link to access to the project named mouvement_projet that i work with :

This folder include all the library that i used, the tflite folder is zipped due to his uncompatible size with github , and there is a cpp-mqtt zip folder that is use for mqtt . in my jetson it was set on this path for the CFLAGS in the makefile : /home/ivan/cpp-mqtt/paho.mqtt.c

Thanks , Best regards

@Eoin @janjongboom @jenny @shawn_edgeimpulse did you get it or access to the github to see the problem?