Motion for the Portenta (Accleration, Roll, Magnetic Field), anyone used the inner M4 core?

I just connected the MRKIMU shield (Accleration, Roll, Magnetic Field) to the PortentaH7 and got the Standard Nano33BleSense motion model working. (2 Minor changes, change the Motion Arduino include file and solve a weird Arduino RESET wire issue). This allows the Portenta outer M7 core to do all three: Motion, Vision and Sound.

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Quick question, has anyone managed to get any of these sensors working on the inner M4 core with an Edge Impulse model?


The following image is of my little hack to get the MKRIMU working with the PortentaH7 until Arduino comes up with a software fix. Just bend away the RESET pin on the MKRIMU shield.


And here is all three MKRIMU, PortentaH7 with LoRa Vision (Sound) shield


The PortentaH7 is a powerful little device with the legendary ease of Arduino Software and also complex MBED coding capabilities.

In part I have an answer to my question. It looks like the PortentaH7 with MKRIMU shield runs acceleration (and probably Roll and Magnetic field) fine on the M4 core. This is really good news, as presently the M7 core runs most of the Communication modules (Ethernet, WiFi, BLE) LoRa seems to work from either M7 or M4 core as it is really it’s own module running parallel to either core and communicating using the LoRaSerial UART channel.

Still curious if anyone has got vision or sound working on the M4 core?