More option to user for choosing attributes to look for?

Hi Team,
I created two models with same set of processing blocks. Both gives around 95% accuracy and works ok with some discrepancies here and there. Just wanted to know if we can provide any flag to tell model that look for color or look for shape or look for both. I can see greyscale option, but not sure would that control this feature of choosing the required attributes etc.

Please pardon my ignorance, as I am not much into machine learning algorithms and look forward to Edge Impulse as easy interface for anyone to use his platform without much knowledge of ML (more like student community who are really want to solve any particular problem without much understanding of ML)

Following are my projects for reference.
Shapes -
Colours -


@atyadav So the difficult part of ML models is that you can’t really tell it to look for A or B, it just tries to find a mathematical formula that best maps X pixels to Y output. The choice for grayscale / RGB is there because grayscale models use less memory, so if you know that color does not matter too much it’s an easy way to reduce the footprint of your model.

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Thanks for your update, but I am really happy to see that my project of Shapes can identify different shapes (cut outs) also drawn sketches. But for color it is little out of way.

But anyways thanks for your help.

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