Modules for multiple complex movements

I’m creating a classic “Magic Wand” and trying to module the complex movement of a 5 pointed star over a 2 second window.It appears from spectral features that each window’s data is converted to one point.
When using the module, if I wave the wand around wild enough, I eventually get a point that matches with a point from the Module, and a false hit.
How do I change the module so the full 2 seconds of the window need to be a match and not just one point of it?
My data on the 3D graph looks well organized.
thank you!

@jebay1 Here you’d probably want:

  1. Add some more data that is ‘not 5 pointed star’. Models don’t have an ‘I don’t know what happens state’.
  2. An anomaly detection block to know when something weird happened and you can discard the movement.
  3. Use some smoothing over the signal, e.g. classify every 200ms. and if the last 3 windows were all star movement only then print the classification. The Arduino continuous motion example has some info there.
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