Mobile client failed to load in classification mode


I’m new to Edge Impulse. I tried to recreate the “continuous motion recognition” tutorial and deploy it on a mobile phone. I could complete all the steps up to “Deploying back to device”. When I tried to deploy it (switch to classification mode) it gave the error: “Failed to load Can’t find variable: Module”.

Project ID: 19371
Phone: iPhone X
iOS version: 15.1
Browser: Safari, Brave

I also tried to open the link on PC (gave the same error) and inspected it in debug console. The console gave the following error:

classification-views.ts:158 Failed to load ReferenceError: Module is not defined
    at window.WasmLoader (<anonymous>:4:1)
    at ClassificationLoader.load (classification-loader.ts:93:31)
    at async classification-views.ts:115:40
(anonymous) @ classification-views.ts:158
await in (anonymous) (async)
init @ classification-views.ts:174
await in init (async)
mobileClientLoader @ init.ts:35
(anonymous) @ classifier.html?from=microphone:182

Does anybody know what the problem is?
Thank you in advance in advance.

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Hi @timdl1998,

I reproduce your issue as well, I’m investigating with our engineering team and will keep you posted.


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We’ve released a hotfix it should be all good now. Thanks for reporting the issue.


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Hi @aurel, thanks a lot for the quick fix!
I just tested it too and it works great now.

Thanks again!

Kind regards

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