Missing samplig_freq

I’m testing my model, some data is not processed even if it is get from the same sensor and manage by the same methodology. The EI system indicates that is missing “sampling_freq”. I have checked the data and looks like the problem is during upload process, but I haven’t found the cause.
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Until now, I have been testing my model with custom sensor data. I’m processing the data with python, giving it a timestamp and the .csv format requiered by EI. I have done it many times and I got a good performance of the model, but recently I couldn’t do again.
I upload the data and the system indicates it is ok. I can preview the data and move along it.
Then, when I’m trying to test the model, looks like it is working, but it just processes some files and others are not processed. Until now I’m not able to recognize any pattern.
I check why the model is not able to process the data. EI says there is missing a “samplig_freq”

Then I got the idea to download the data that I have uploaded. What I found is that json files have some troubles as you can see in the following image. First The wrong file does not has any data and it has an interval_ms=0. The good file has the data and the interval_ms has the expected value.

As I have said, both file are created by the same method and I have done many times with a good result.

I would like to ask if someone has experienced the same problem or if there’s a guide to solve it.

Thanks a lot for your help

David :smiley:

Hi @djsilverav,

Could you DM me the original CSV file from a sample that doesn’t work? (ie: video1)