Missing labels and trained.tflite model files after software build

Question/Issue: When I build firmware for my machine learning model and I no longer get the files needed for me to run the model on OpenMV. As can be seen in the attached Image, when downloaded build firmware a couple weeks ago(Aug 18) I use to get only three files on the dowloaded folder(one .py file, one labels.txt file and the trained.tflite file), I retrained and added more data to model and tried downloading firmware once again and I no longer see these files which makes it impossible for me to use my model on my Portenta H7.

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Hello @Jorge2,

For the OpenMV, there are now two distinct ways of using it:

  • Using the firmware
  • Using the binary

What you have here are the binaries. The 3 files you used to have are provided in the library download.



Got it, thank you so much!