MicroPython downloadable model for edge devices

Hi Team,

I was interested to know if there is any way we can at the moment to generate the model as a MicroPython module. I am working with PSoC6 board that supports MicroPython and wanted to develop an application which allows easy importing of developed model.

If it’s not available currently:

  1. Can you suggest any workaround to do so?
  2. Do you have any plans to support MicroPython?

Hi @NikhitaR

This was already discussed, if you missed it:



Thanks @Eoin for sharing the details. I was not aware of this project. I have been thinking something similar to support PSoC port. I will take this as a reference to do some experiments.

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Excellent @NikhitaR!

The search function is a bit lacking, we are working on improvements and should have some small changes coming in the new year to the blog and forum. :smiley:

Let me know if you need anyone to assist, or please share here with your progress and we can check with the community. It would be great to get this blogged if you have some content we can build on. :snake: