Mfcc block's parameters

In the Edge Impulse’s page (Responding to your voice - Edge Impulse Documentation), in the MFCC block’s parameters, the low frequency is defined as 300, and the high frequency is defined as 0. How can the low frequency be higher than the high frequency?



The High Frequency textbox entry is the highest band edge of Mel filters (in Hz). If not set (or set to 0) this is samplerate / 2.

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So, if i put low frequency in 300 and high frequency in 0 (sample rate is 16kHz), the Mel filterbank is like in this photo??
The filterbank begins in 300Hz more o less, and it ends in 8000Hz.

Your last question is above my pay grade, please forgive me. Start a new post with the question about the aforementioned Mel filterbank image.