Messed up with the data forwarder sensor naming and need help

Hi I am using the data forwarder with ESP 32. We were doing the data acquisition for 4 classes each being handled by one team member. Unfortunately we did not establish the naming system for the accelerometer data input so for 2 classes the sensor input is x-axis,y-axis,z-axis and the other 2 are x,y,z. Is there any way I can edit the sensor input since it seems like my data is currently useless. I tried using 2 spectral analysis blocks and then using the input features of both in the learning block but I keep getting this error

Creating job… OK (ID: 6311476)

Scheduling job in cluster…
Job started
Failed to start job: DSP blocks have different number of generated features, should be the same ([ 819, 720])

Job failed (see above)

Please help!

Hello @gsawalha,

There is not yet an easy way of changing the axis names in the studio.

See Ei_run_classifier returns EI_IMPULSE_DSP_ERROR - #34 by louis

This code snippet can help you doing that.
Download your data, run the script locally and upload back your data with the correct axis.

To run the script, save the code in a file and run:

python3 --input training --old_axis acc_x --new_axis accX

I hope that helps,



That’s amazing! thank you so much!