MACRO to check if the downloaded model is int or float model


Is there any Macro in the downloaded model that I can use in the main code that differentiate the model to be either float or int8? Is there any part of the code that gives the creation date / other details of the downloaded model?

@paulphilip, check the tflite-resolver.h file in your tflite-model folder. If it has the QUANTIZE / DEQUANTIZE ops listed then it’s an int8 model.

@janjongboom Thanks. Is there any macro to see the sampling time for which the model is compiled for?

@janjongboom Can I use the Macro EI_CLASSIFIER_FREQUENCY in model_metadata.h to detect the frequency from the model?

@paulphilip Yep, model_metadata.h contains all that data.

@janjongboom Thanks.
@Hardik tagging you for reference.