Lost over 80% of my data set. Any way to recover my work?

Question/Issue: I spent hours labeling data for an image recognition project, shortly after I finished my labelling work Edge Impulse shows that my total collected data is about one tenth of what I worked on. Please help.

Project ID: Boat-Recongition

Context/Use case: I uploaded a folder of about 1100 maritime based images to label for a project and I took a break shortly after labelling every file and when I returned Edge Impulse only shows that I have a total of 92 items in my data acquisition tab. I am wondering if there is any possible way to retrieve these lost files or recover them as I saw that they are stored in S3. Please let me know if anyone can help this would be a loss on the order of dozens of hours of work. Thanks!

Hi @alecosanchez,

That sounds super frustrating :frowning: I don’t know if we can help if the samples were really lost. Can you let us know your project ID number, and we can take a look?

Hi, thanks for reaching out Shawn, do you know where I can find my project ID number and I’d be happy to provide anything else you need to help get this worked out!

If you go to the Dashboard, it should be listed on the right side under “Project Info.” It’s also in the URL. For example: studio.edgeimpulse.com/studio/<project_id>

Found it! My project ID is: 122494. Please let me know if theres anything more you need from me.