Loading Data from EI into AWS S3

Hi Team, I hope you are doing great. I am setting up an initial “test drive” project which involves the following data flow:

  • Arduino UNO: Metereological data is being picked up in real-time by an Arduino UNO board equiped with 3 sensors, which generate 4 data points: temperature, light, air humidity and soil humidity. That is working super.
  • Edge Impulse: I am effectively using EI Data Forward to load the datapoints on Arduino UNO and stage them on EI to be able to analyze the data (as we speak), modelling it (soon), categorizing weather scenarios (soon) on Edge Impulse.
  • AWS: I have already setup my full account on AWS and would like to use it as my data repository knowing that EI has its capacity limitations which is fine.

The thing here is that I cannot find any documentation on how to be able to connect and push the data I have on EI over to my R3 repository on AWS. Any pointers and/or ideas would be very much appreciated.

I wil be sharing all my integration code once I get the whole process together (I actually setup my project as public) but do wish to first make sure it all works before sharing stuff here! Thanks so much in advance!


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Hi @Noosphera

If you check through Data Sources it will show you how to connect to S3:

Python Linux SDK is worth looking into:

When you get set up with the python linux examples then you can use S3 via Boto3 and send your data to S3 directly install via pip. Let me know how you get on and post your code for review, I have built some similar flows.

pip install boto3




Thanks so much Eoin! I will give that process a shot and let you know how it goes. Seems clear enough! Thanks again! Big cheers, Max

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