Live Audio Classification

I am working on Audio Classification and I have a huge data set which cannot be uploaded manually. I need a bit of help here, If some one has already worked on audio classification maybe in edge impulse or elsewhere, Kindly email me on, it will be of great help in my project, Thank you.

Hi @rahmad,

Just sent you an email.


Thanks, But now I am getting “deadlineexceed” every time I am training my model no matter which DSP block I am using. I even reduced toe Epoch from 100 to 50 but still it gives me the error “deadlineexceed”. I am stuck with my project since 2 days, kindly look into this and help me solve it,

74645 this is the project ID

Hello @rahmad,

I replied on the other thread here: Deadlineexceed , I am using Audio classification and NN block