Licencing for Open source project

I previously asked this in un-categorized but I don’t think anyone other than myself can see it it is greyed out. so I am asking again…

I am thinking about creating an open source project using edge impulse. It seems perfect for something I have been thinking about for a couple of days.

The project would be around 3d printers. But I have others.

My question is are there any rules or licensing issues for open source projects. Could I upload the source code to say github for other users to compile and run on their hardware?

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Hi @developerchris

We were experiencing some spam, you can find details of our license here:

Please check all code samples for their license and specific guidance.



Spam on forums is a big problem.

Thanks for that I looked through the table of contents in the documentation expecting to see a licencing section, but was unable to find it.

Thanks for the pointer