Label input value ignored in webinterface file uploader

Not sure if this is the right place to report this kind of issues. Let me know if not

I noticed following issue with the studio web interface

  • Upload data
  • checked Upload into category “Automatically split between training and testing”
  • “Enter label”: noise

Resulting label string is: label

Same result with Upload into category: Training and label noise

Browser: OSX Big sur Google chrome 99.0.4844.51. Same behaviour on Firefox 99.0b4

Hello @adiibi,

I just checked your project and it seems that the “noise” label is present in the data acquisition.
Did you find a solution or your renamed your labels “label” to “noise”?



Hi @adiibi We had a bug in the uploader (which was not caught in the tests). This was hotfixed yesterday.


I renamed the import data manually in batches. by selecting all “label” and renaming to “noise”. Thanks for checking. I can confirm that the label import works now

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