Keyboard input a EI_inference startup

I’m trying to develop a bike counter with Edge Impulse and I managed to install Edge Impulse very easily on a Raspberry PI 4 but when EI_INFERENCE starts, the process is waiting for a keyboard input to identify the microphone and Video input to be used. Any solution to avoid that and configure a default micrphone and video (webcam) ?

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Hello @Raph,

I think the issue is that the port or the id of the microphone/camera are changing when you boot/reboot your OS.
There is no clean solution as of today except maybe write a script to add the default hardware to the ei-config file before running the inference.

Please have a look at: Raspberry pi audio classification default mic issue - #11 by louis

Do not hesitate to share your script here as I’m sure it would be very beneficial for other users.