Jupyter Notebook inside dashboard

By using the EI API you get access to the raw data, extracted features, etc. This gives the user the possibility to perform for example plotting, derive some statistics… Of course, you can do much more using the EI API.

It could be of interest to have some (basic) scripting functionality inside the dashboard itself, for example for plotting (loss vs. epoch, statistics, …), a solution can be a Jupyter Notebook that is running inside the dashboard. (Something like Analyze and Visualize as in Amazon SageMaker Studio). In this way, users can build their own function and share this with the community.

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Hi @Joeri,

Thanks for the feature request!

You can actually already develop your own plots, graphs, and more stats by creating your own Python/Matlab custom DSP block deployed inside a docker container, check out our tutorial on this here: https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/docs/custom-blocks

Once you have written your DSP code, you can append your custom plot, image, graph, to the UI inside the EI Studio by following the steps here: https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/docs/custom-blocks#4-other-type-of-graphs

But I will also send over your feature request to our engineering team!

You can also add your own custom Python code or iPython notebook to the Neural Network block via the “Expert Mode” option in the EI Studio: