Jetson Nano RPi V2.1 camera resolution

Hello everyone,

I’m discovering Edge Impulse with my Jetson Nano 2Gb. I’m using a RPi V2.1 camera but I quickly noticed the resolution used by Edge Impulse is 640x480. How can I increase this resolution?

Thanks in advance

Hi François,

At the moment it is not possible to go above this resolution, our object detection models are actually optimized for 320x320px images. Do you have a use case that would require higher resolution?


If you rebuild the CLI from source you can change this here:

Just landed here searching for edge impulse camera resolution, personally I’ve got the pi camera module v3, with autofocus and HDR, so my use case is to identify birds on one of three feeders in a 1920x1080 or larger image. I want more detail (pixels) to determine the difference between blue tits and great tits in shadow, ideally I’d like to be able to individually identify each bird within a species by custom markings etc to see how much each is feeding. I’m sure your 300 pixels are enough to say which animal, if they fill the frame, but not a still camera image of three bird feeders at distance of 1.5meters from camera.

Maybe you can offer a pre-selection routine whereby it takes a larger image and identifies regions of interest, which are then passed as smaller image segments for object analysis or whatever the customer is after.