James Webb FITS Files Integration

Can Edge Impule read and load FITS files from the James Webb observatory and other FITS files from STSCI and other repositeries.

getting and analysing data from the edge of the universe on Edge Impulse would be cool in developing new AI models

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Hi @fitsparsec

Very exciting to hear about your use case, maybe we can set up some time to discuss this? We would be delighted to work with your organisation having worked similar organisations.

We have many integration points and preprocessing stages where this conversion or integration could happen. Our platform is highly customisable and built for integration.

Conversion from FITS can happen either on a schedule, within an organisation transformation block Transformation blocks - Edge Impulse Documentation (in our enterprise tier) or on your own system and integrated via the chosen API API examples - Edge Impulse Documentation

Here are some tools for conversion from fits. We could discuss direct support of this format with our sales/ ml solutions engineers.

My own studies and work background are in devops and we are mlops ready. If there is an integration possibility here Iā€™d be happy to help explore where.

Sending you a pm now with contact details.