Issue with the “Using Doppler Radar for Gesture Recognition with the Infineon Sense2GoL-Pulse & Edge Impulse”


I am new to hardware devices and trying to get Sense2Gol-pulse radar working with steps mentioned in “” but I get below error after connecting to the radar.
[SER] Failed to get information off device No valid sensor readings received from device. Note that the data forwarder can only auto-detect frequencies >2Hz. You can override the frequency via --frequency.

Do I need to make any hardware changes to the XMC4700+BGT24LTR11 board to make it compatible with Arduino? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mounika,

After flashing the described Arduino sketch in the blog post to your board from the Arduino IDE, are you able to see any prints to the serial terminal in general? From an app like Putty on baud rate 500000

Hello Jenny,

I was able to compile and upload the aurdino sketch to board. Please see the screenshot below. But when I try to read the serial console from putty with speed of 500000, it just hangs.


Here is the output of the upload/compile.

Hi again @Mounika,

I am trying out the blog post with my board as we speak, but just to double check, can you please try compiling and flashing the sketch to your board with the below CLI commands? I mention them in the blog post:

From inside the sketch folder…

arduino-cli compile --fqbn Infineon:arm:XMC4700_Radar_Baseboard Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial -e --output-dir .
arduino-cli upload --fqbn Infineon:arm:XMC4700_Radar_Baseboard --input-file .\Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial.ino.hex

You should see this output if your Arduino IDE was setup correctly (as mentioned under How to get started):

PS C:\Local-Windows\Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial> arduino-cli compile --fqbn Infineon:arm:XMC4700_Radar_Baseboard Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial -e --output-dir .
Library BGT24LTR11-Pulsed-Doppler-Radar has been declared precompiled:
Using precompiled library in C:\Users\jenny\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Infineon\hardware\arm\1.4.0\libraries\BGT24LTR11-Pulsed-Doppler-Radar\src\cortex-m4
Sketch uses 49224 bytes (2%) of program storage space. Maximum is 2048000 bytes.
Global variables use 26824 bytes of dynamic memory.

PS C:\Local-Windows\Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial> arduino-cli upload --fqbn Infineon:arm:XMC4700_Radar_Baseboard --input-file .\Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial.ino.hex
Infineon XMC Flasher Lite
Copyright Infineon Technologies 2017
Windows 10
Operating System: Windows 10

Windows 10
Loading JLink Library...
JLink Library Version: V6.90a

Configuring Device
Device Name : XMC4700-2048
Interface   : SWD
Speed       : 4000
File Upload
Uploading ./Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial.ino.hex
... Done
... Finished Succesfully
PS C:\Local-Windows\Sense2GoL-Pulse-serial>

Then, from putty on baud rate 500000 you should see something similar to this: