Issue with STM32CUBE IDE

After finishing all steps to create my first impulse (Accelerometer) successfully, i deployed my models as Cube.MX CMSIS-Pack and its already finished successfully.
I followed all steps to include this CMSIS-Pack to my STM32CUBEMX then I configured my STM32L432KC MCU choosing STM32CUBE IDE as toolchain. When i tried to build this project always giving me errors (i think there are missing files in deployed model CMSIS-Pack ).

Links to STM32CUBEMX ioc file and the deployed CMSIS-PACK:

Hi @Khaled_Metwally, the X-CUBE-AI folder and the #include "app_x-cube-ai.h" look suspicious to me. The CMSIS-PACK should have all dependencies for the project already, so can you remove those and rebuild?

Without those your pack builds fine for me:

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Thank you @janjongboom , i removed both and still giving errors.
I am using X-CUBE-AI v6.0.0 , which version you are using ?

Hi @Khaled_Metwally,

As for Jan I had to remove X-CUBE-AI from your project to make it work.
We don’t rely on CUBE-AI for our C++ library so you can just try by removing it completely from CubeIDE.



Thank you @janjongboom
Thank you @aurel
Working fine

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