Issue with size of 'features' array is not correct

I experienced an error on arduino IDE during the deployment phase when I am trying to implement accelerometer classification on ESP32 firebeetle.

It shows “The size of your ‘features’ array is not correct. Expected 600 items, but had 808” when I try to copy the features from live classification in the studio to Arduino IDE.

I know the cause of the error is because I have 808 numbers of data from live classification. And it doesn’t match with my designed impulse. My current impulse design is window size: 2000ms, window increase: 80ms, frequency:100 Hz. Checked zero-pad data.

I would like to know what impulse design value should I put in order to let EI_CLASSIFIER_DSP_INPUT_FRAME_SIZE equal to 808?

Hello @Neville,

It seems more a studio issue than a SDK issue.
Could you try to copy the raw features from the dsp page instead to see if it contains 600 samples?