Issue with json imported data. "DSP result: Error: Unexpected token N in JSON at position 14"


I’m working on an ECG dataset, the file (was around 22 MB) was succesfully uploaded on edge impulse but I’m having this problem with the DSP result:

This is the python code used to convert CSV to JSON:

import csv, json, math, hmac, hashlib

jsonFilePath = "prova_ECG.json"

header = None

# keep track of the first row to know the beginning timestamp

first_row = True

begin_ts = 0

next_ts = 0

values = []

HMAC_KEY = "fed53116f20684c067774ebf9e7bcbdc"

# Parse the CSV file

with open("./prova.csv", newline='') as csvfile:

    rows = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=',')

    for row in rows:

        if (not header):

            header = row


        if not begin_ts:

            begin_ts = float(row[0])

        elif not next_ts:

            next_ts = float(row[0])

        # skip over timestamp column, and add the rest

        values.append([ float(x) for x in row[1:] ])

# empty signature (all zeros). HS256 gives 32 byte signature, and we encode in hex, so we need 64 characters here

emptySignature = ''.join(['0'] * 64)

# This is the Edge Impulse Data Acquisition Format, it has the protected header

data = {

    "protected": {

        "ver": "v1",

        "alg": "none",

        "iat": math.floor(begin_ts / 1000) # epoch time, seconds since 1970 (the timestamp earlier was in ms.)


    "signature": emptySignature,

    "payload": {

        "device_type": "CSV_IMPORTER",

        "interval_ms": next_ts - begin_ts,

        "sensors": [ { "name": x, "units": "mV" } for x in header[1:] ],

        "values": values



# encode in JSON

encoded = json.dumps(data)

# sign message

signature =, 'utf-8'), msg = encoded.encode('utf-8'), digestmod = hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()

# set the signature again in the message, and encode again

data['signature'] = signature

encoded = json.dumps(data)


#Write data to the JSON file

with open(jsonFilePath, "w") as jsonFile:


This is the CSV file:



Anyone could help me with this problem?



@Angelo there is an overflow happening somewhere on this data, this is what I pulled off the server:

dsp_1                       | /app/spectral-analysis/ RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in square
dsp_1                       |   features.append(np.sqrt(np.mean(np.square(fx))))
dsp_1                       | /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/numpy/core/ RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in reduce
dsp_1                       |   ret = umr_sum(arr, axis, dtype, out, keepdims)
dsp_1                       | sending spectral_analysis 1000000 1200000 66 6 1 low 3 6 128 3 0.1 0.1,0.5,1.0,2.0,5.0

I think it’s the amount of data if looking at it quickly (and lowering window length helps). The interval_ms is set to 0.001, that seems very low by the way. Most ECG data is 256Hz from what I’ve seen.

Naturally something we should fix (the flatten & spectrogram block don’t have an issue, so it’s definitely a bug in the spectral analysis block), but can you double check if you need the full frame?

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Actually the timestamp values were wrong (they were in seconds rather than ms) and maybe this was the cause of the overflow. I fixed it and set a sampling frequency to 256Hz and it’s working fine.
Thank you @janjongboom!

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