Issue with EON Tuner

“An error occurred during the last EON Tuner run: Cant resume because chief job failed”

I get this error for whatever time per inference and target device I apply… I don’t know
how to resolve this issue… Could you please guide me how to solve it!

Thank you!
Project ID:
My project ID is: 97146

Hello @18U221,

I just spoke with our Core Engineers. He’ll have a deeper look.

In the meantime, if you check the logs (upper-right button of the Target card)

There is this information:

Too few model variants found in search space, consider raising your target inference time/RAM/ROM

Although it might be contradictory, I would try to lower the Time per inference (ms) to 100 ms which is usually more than enough to run movement classifications. This will narrow the possibilities.

I would also recommend to add more data to your project, it’ll surely help improving your results.



Got it! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: :smiling_face: