Issue with Arduino nano 33 ble Audio data acquisition

I have connected by Arduino nano 33 ble with the edge impulse , and I am using it to get the audio data.
I am getting a single plane line (no audio detected ) after recoding it even if I say the word which I want to record rather loudly , Kindly help me with this issue.
I have checked the inbuilt mike associated with the Arduino nano 33 ble using the PMD library and its working

Hi @vinaycs,

I can’t reproduce the issue using our default firmware.
Could you describe how you’re capturing audio and make sure you’ve selected the Build-in microphone as a sensor in the Data Acquisition tab?


Yeah , I have selected the built in microphone .
The image below shows the audio representation even when I am recording the keyword
I keep the device near my mouth and say the word while recording .
I am collecting the data straight from the web browser

I am able to capture the accelerometer data just fine , its only the audio data which is causing the issue

This is very strange, no issues here using webUSB or the CLI. Have you tried also using the CLI?
Also, it’s using the firmware from here or one generated by the studio?


I am using the firmware mentioned in the link . and using the webUSB
I haven’t tried with the edge impulse CLI , let me see if it will work