Is there code available for WASM standalone inference as shown on Live Classification?

Is the provided inference /live classification example available as standalone (WASM) code? I could not find examples.

Ideally would prefer to work with it as WASM with JavaScript or PHP.
The code on GitHub appears to be Node.js / TypeScript - neither of which I’m experienced in.

There is so much potential with this platform as an express onramp for practical uses of machine learning. But the learning curve on deploying is discouragingly steep.

Project ID: 372348

Hello @Gigcity,

You can have a look at this documentation page. It shows how to create a run-impulse.js:



How does this differ from Through WebAssembly (browser) method?
I’ve used / tested.
It only provides a method to paste raw values for testing classification.

Looking for a Live Classification / Inference self-hosted option.

If I’m overlooking something - let me know.

Thank you.