Is there are way to do classification for Video

I trained a model that can detect few objects. I have a video(locally saved in my computer) that needs to test with that model.Is there a way to do that?

@dilanperera There’s an example in the Python SDK that classifies data per frame here

Then you can extract the frames one by one with OpenCV, see e.g. and classify them.

Will try…Thank you very much

Is it only for a Linux? how can I do it on a windows machine?

Correct, we don’t support Windows. You can:

  1. Get the TensorFlow Lite (int8 quantized) model from Dashboard (under ‘Download block output’).
  2. Install TensorFlow Lite on Windows (
  3. Pass an image from OpenCV directly into TensorFlow from Python (, steps 3 and further)

I think that would work on Windows, but outside the scope where we can do much to support you.


It worked…Thank you… Awsome Platform…

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