Is there any method to convert tflite code written for rasberri pi to python


I’m trying to run the same project on my device, Is there any method to open and edit the tflite files?

Once you’ve trained your model you’ll be able to download the raw tflite files from the project Dashboard.

You can edit these are you need to, and then reupload them bring-your-own-model


Hi Mat,
thanks for your response.

One more query, is it possible to run the model.h5 and tflite file without edgeimpulse package ?


Hello @naveen_17,

Yes it’s possible but you might need to implement any pre-processing step you used on your own.
One benefit of using the Edge Impulse export formats are the hardware optimization we leverage.
You can also use the EON compiler to save resources. See
What is your hardware target?



my goal is to run the same beer vs can classification on my computer with an option to scale it up later. Is it possible to access the code in which the model was trained to run on my own ? or do u have any other suggestion


is there a specific problem you’re having? it’s hard to give advice without knowing what isn’t working currently.