Is there a size limit for uploading existing datasets?


I tried to upload an existing dataset, which has about 8000 PNG files. Only ~2500 of them have been uploaded, which has a total size of 300MB. The remaining 6000 files were not uploaded. On a second attempt, I tried to upload the remaining 6000 files again but the uploader just freezes, and nothing happens. On a third attempt, I tried to upload only 60 files from the remaining 6000 files, it is still the same situation. This makes me believe that there is a size limit for uploading existing datasets, e.g. ~300MB. Could you please confirm this is the case?



@emre there’s not, could you try with the CLI?

Thank you. That works. I wonder why the browser version cannot upload them.

Yeah it’s interesting… What browser are you using? It should properly queue uploads, but maybe the concurrency is too high?

I use Safari on Mac.