Is NLP possible?

I want to know if this platform can help me to create a model that is associated with NLP like classifying whether it is such a query or not?
I want to further use this model to give output from a audio which could be transcribed into text using some open source library.

Are you refering to projects such as:

here and
here and
here and

I want something like detection whether this is a hate speech or not. Not like this these are just some few single words.

I wanna do classification on whole sentence.

Hi @arnavmehta,

Good question! While you might be able to train an NLP model on Edge Impulse, it’s not really a target use case at this time, as TensorFlow Lite Micro (what we use to do inference on microcontrollers) does not support many of the operations required for decent NLP (e.g. LSTM layers).

How please?
Can you explain?

Hi @arnavmehta,

RNNs rely on several unique operations (not found in DNNs and CNNs), which are not supported in the version of TFLM that Edge Impulse uses. You can possibly unroll the RNN to make it work, but I have not verified it. I recommend reading through some of the issues in the TFLM repo to see how people have been working around the lack of LSTM support: Issues · tensorflow/tflite-micro · GitHub

I believe that RNNs are supported in the latest TFLM, but Edge Impulse does not support the latest version yet.