Is it possible to run 2 impulses simultaneously?


I wanted to make a system in which I can use the RGB sensor and the microphone simultaneously on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense. So I tried adding different blocks for both purposes and the training results were pretty good with accuracy of about 98%.
But when I wanted to test it using live classification it started giving me errors. I had made the frequency 16000Hz for both - the microphone and the colour sensor.

The errors were -“Cannot process file, impulse requires axis “audio”, but not present in this file (found: “R”, “G”, “B”) - note: axes are case sensitive.” I pretty much understand the error but I cant find a solution.

If anyone has a solution to this then you are welcome.


Hi @Darsheeltripathy Can you share your project ID?

Here is the porject ID : 37232


@Darsheeltripathy So for this to work all your data needs to have both the audio, the R, B and G axes, so four axes per data sample. So make sure you have four sensor axes (the recording from the audio and the recording from the color sensor, all at 16KHz).

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How will I do that for audio samples ?
Can I rename all the axes to “audio”? Will that work?
I have set all the axes name to “audio” and the output is given below.

By the way, I am getting this error:
Cannot set tensor: Dimension mismatch. Got 11960 but expected 3960 for dimension 1 of input 0.

Any kind of help is welcomed :slight_smile: