Is it possible to create a bootstrap aggregation algorithm in edge impulse?

Hi, I want to write a bootstrap aggregation code. Is it possible to do so in Edge Impulse and deploy it in nrf52840 dk ?

Hi @FYPGabriel

This is a bit above my pay grade but lets try to get some conversation going that others can chime in on :sweat_smile: :rocket:

What is bagging?

Bagging, also known as bootstrap aggregation, is the ensemble learning method that is commonly used to reduce variance within a noisy data set.

What Is Bagging? | IBM.

Have you looked into Multi-impulse?

Train multiple machine learning models on different subsets of your dataset. Each model should be trained on a randomly sampled subset of the data, with replacement, which is the essence of bootstrap aggregation.

Ensemble Learning: Bagging/ Bootstrap Aggregation | by Jay Jo | Medium.