Invalid model for current sensor(BLE 33)

I downloaded this BLE 33 according to the tutorial:

But I don’t know why it keeps saying my sensor doesn’t match when deploy to BLE 33:
/private/var/folders/9x/gf0qz2217v5c9905h5zxqt8h0000gn/T/.arduinoIDE-unsaved202304-19622-f9njwm.e9t1g/nano_ble33_sense_accelerometer/nano_ble33_sense_accelerometer.ino:143:2: error: #error “Invalid model for current sensor”
#error “Invalid model for current sensor”

exit status 1

Compilation error: #error “Invalid model for current sensor”

I don’t know if it’s because of these two sentences
Unable to parse snapshot line [ ]
Unable to parse snapshot line [ ]

All data I get is based on this sensor device (BLE 33)
Is there a version problem?
Please how can I solve this problem.

Failed to parse snapshot line has to do with camera resolution.

What are you running at the command line?

Try giving the command line and argument of --clean.

Is EdgeImpulse project gskthu-project-1 possibly vision Model?

As a far-out guess try reducing the Sample length (ms) from 85,000 to a more reasonable 2,000.

Hi @gskthu,

From the images it looks like you’ve created a model using accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. For running inference on a model with multiple sensors you can use the nano_ble33_sensor_fusion.ino.

The reason why you got the Failed to parse snapshot error is probably because of the image sensor being selected on the acquisition page when connecting to studio.