Interfacing Nicla Voice to outside world

I need to interface my Nicla Voice to a suitable external device such as an opto-coupler to allow a relay to signal to another device. What is the most effective method of achieving this aim. I realise there are pins available but they do not have the capacity to switch an opto-coupler directly.
Any helpful suggestions appreciated.
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Real world interface

  • What is max GPIO output current (amps) for the Nicla Voice (NV)? (I found the output is configurable between 1.8V and 3.3V but could not find a GPIO output amps spec.)

  • If the optocoupler needs more drive current to turn it on than the NV can output, then put an open collector transistor between the NV and the opto. A general x-istor will take a few 10s of microamps to turn on the x-istor thru the Base pin.

    • Here is a simple 2N2222 x-istor schematic that takes 1 mA to turn on. Surely, the NV can output 1 mA, right.
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I have looked at the Nicla Family Form Factor Specification and I couldd not find any value for the current capacity of the I/O pins !!!

Maybe there is a “shield” that it can be used with ??

I finally found 4.7 mA per I/O pin at under the SPECS expandable section.

Thanks MMarcial, I did not manage to find that info. That will give me room for further thought

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Ì have sourced an SSR unit with 3mA Input current and 230V o/p.
If it was difficult to get a low current SSR I was thinking of using a number of the digital o/p’s and turning all of them on at the same time ?
This should give more flexibility!!

What is the brand and model or part number of the SSR? This could be useful for others running on low power MCUs.