Intercept detection - Using a camera to detect velocity and ball path

I want to start working on a model where i can track an object (thrown ball) which will always be orange, and predict its path in 3d space using a camera and micro controller (esp32 cam). (similar to when you see a golfer hit the ball on tv) and then predict whether a nerf dart would intercept the ball if fired based on my aiming.

The device would live on the nerf gun. My son would throw the ball and if i have the gun in the right orientation a buzzer would sound, signaling for me to pull the trigger.

I would hard code the average velocity of prerecorded/measured nerf darts, giving a predictive buffer.

Any suggestions on how i would set this up? Do you think I would need any additional hardware to make the prediction (ie 6 or 9 DOF)?

I think this would be a fun project for my son and I. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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