Integrating model library into nRF5340

I want to build firmware from source integrating the model developed on EI and also leveraging the processing blocks and sensor integration provided in the SDK.

I started with firmware-nordic-nrf52840dk-nrf5340dk, then replaced folders model-parameters and tflite-model with the c++ library versions from my model.

This failed to build because the models seem to be ahead of the nrf5340 repo. (A “threshold” field had been added to one of the structs.)

After replacing the edge-impulse-sdk folder with the version from my model’s c++ library, it builds and executes and seems to be working.

So my questions are…

  1. Did I miss the document that describes this procedure? If so, please point me to it. Otherwise…

  2. Was this the “proper” way to go about doing this? I’m concerned that the compilation error is because nRF5340 repo isn’t being kept up-to-date, perhaps because its primary intent is to allow data collection.

Thank you.