Integrating AD8232 in C++ library deployed on ESP32

Question/Issue: Integrating AD8232 in C++ library deployed on ESP32

Project ID: 148396

Context/Use case: I have trained a model on detection of arrhythmia on Edge Impulse and deployed it as a C++ library on ESP32 and it is working fine as long as I give my features input by copying and pasting from the Edge Impulse raw data section in the DSP block. But now I want to collect the ECG data directly from the AD8232 chip and patches attached to a person. Can anyone please help me to understand how to do that? I want to read the data from AD8232 and use it directly for the classification. Also how can I write the classification data on any storage media?

Hello @sayani,

I can see that you also posted your question here: Firmware-espressif-esp32: how to integrate AD8232 with it?

To answer your question, you need to read your AD8232 data (is it an analog sensor?) and fill a buffer with your raw data. The buffer size should be the size of your window size.

Once your buffer is full, you can then classify the same way as you would do with the example-standalone-inferencing-espressif-esp32.