Ingestion Service :: sampleId (?)

Where do we locate the id for samples? I’m trying classify and request results for each job through ingestion/api and it states in the docs it requires the id of the sample being requested.


What does this correlate to, from the Data Acquisition page:

Is there a way to manually set the sampleId before posting a sample through the Ingestion service? Or, do I literally have to request ALL samples from my project, check to see the latest created, then parse its sampleId to request classification?

@DoitfortheLulz I guess based on your second comment that you now understand where to find the sample ID through the API? FYI you can also get it from the browser by right clicking on a row => select element => find the data-id property:


Re: 2) Yeah, it’s stupid, you should get the ID returned from the ingestion service, but I don’t dare to break the ingestion API contract. Here’s a quick workaround:

  1. The ingestion API returns the filename
  2. Do a listSamples call with the filename from 1) as a property
  3. Get the item that was returned first.

@janjongboom Yeah honestly I had a feeling this is what I would have to do, so I had my fall backs in order. Also, for some reason I overlooked the fact you can specify the exact filename you wish to get the info for. If I would’ve realized this I probably wouldn’t have even posted here!

Thanks for the response, as always, time to get to work!

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