Ingestion Service/Remote Management Questions

We recently decided to scarp the Arduino portion of our project and simply use a Bluetooth microphone connected to a mobile device to observe and record audio data from the user. This is all fine and well, but now we are approaching the integration stage with Edge Impulse and our designs.

So, I have a few questions. I’m able to dynamically add mobile devices to the Device page of a project utilizing the Remote Mgmt Protocol with no issue, I’m also able to obtain and utilize the sampling requests, sent by Edge Impulse to the device, in order to start the sampling of audio. But, I’d really like the ability to dynamically tell Edge Impulse to start sampling without the use of the client.

Is this feature possible? Am I able to send Edge Impulse the:

    "sample": true

message or something in order to start the sampling through my app? If this is not possible, should I just record the data and send the data to Edge Impulse utilizing the Ingestion Service?

The remote management protocol is not used for data ingestion, use the [ingestion service]( for this.

I assume based on this line here, that this capability is not possible, so the Remote Mgmt utilized SOLELY for controlling a device from the edge impulse client and the Ingestion Service will be the way to go for my project.

Hi @DoitfortheLulz, yeah the remote management protocol is used when you want to control the device from the Studio, and then the final file is uploaded to the ingestion service. If you don’t care about the control part, then uploading directly is by far the easiest. You can either use uploader CLI tool ( or just send an HTTP request w/ the data to the ingestion service.