Ingestion Service: Post JPG

This EI doc describes how to construct a request using cURL.

What does the construction look like for Python?

How does the following need to be modified?

res ='',
								'x-api-key':   'ei_...',                            
								'x-file-name': 'mark.jpg',
								'x-label':     'mark', })
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The cURL example in the link I provided uses the

  • api/training/data endpoint not the
  • api/training/files endpoint.

So is there example code in Python using the api/training/data endpoint?

I guess more specifically how do I convert the cURL syntax

-F attachments[]="@metadata.json;type=application/json" \
-F attachments[]="@mark.jpg;type=image/jpeg"

into an argument compatiable with the Python