Including my deployed C++ Library in my Segger Embedded Studio Project

Hello Edge impulse ! and everyone else reading this.
I am working on a project with an external card containing NRF52840 Using NRF5 SDK, with Segger Embedded Studio. I have a working algorithm and I plan to add the deployed library to that , I tried to add it without no success, can someone explain how can I add a deployed C++ library from EI to Segger embedded studio, without having to switch to zephyr?

@bahalouati I’m not familiar with Segger Embedded Studio (except that I know it doesn’t particularly likes C++), but is a complete (simple) Makefile that has everything you need. Just add those folders with source code and include paths and that should work.

This does not include CMSIS-DSP/CMSIS-NN, which you probably want, but you can just include the *.c files in edge-impulse-sdk/CMSIS/* and set the EIDSP_USE_CMSIS_DSP=1, EI_CLASSIFIER_TFLITE_ENABLE_CMSIS_NN=1 and ARM_MATH_LOOPUNROLL macros for that, I’d suggest to try ^ first.