Imagine Conference Transcript

Is there a way to get the Day 1 Imagine conference transcript? The normal youtube browser method -->3 dots -->view transcript doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @Rocksetta,

I took a look into the channel video editor for the keynotes, looks like because of a few various reasons, we are unable to use the Youtube auto-transcription tool (maybe because it’s too long, maybe because it was edited with the Youtube editor, etc.)

I am pretty certain we will be editing this video down and re-uploading into each individual keynote, and thus able to get auto-transcriptions from Youtube, but I need to double check with the Imagine team.

Thank you!

Thanks Jenny, I am looking for keywords like: democratize, simply, simple, simplify, easy, just works, effortless, uncomplicated

If I was writing a thesis it would be about: “The Simplification of Machine Learning is the key to the next generation of IoT devices.”, but I am just tweeting about what I find interesting. I think Edge Impulse, Seeeduino, Sony and Arduino are doing a great job of simplification.

I think Technology Teacher’s with students, in classrooms, is a big part of how Machine Learning will be ready for the general population. Even with 30 years of experience I can’t predict how easy something will be to teach, I have to show it to a group of 30 students and experience their reactions.

Luckily, I have a specialized skill: the ability to make most of the mistakes my students make, so I have an advantage. :smiley:

Please post when the transcripts are up, or if they can’t be generated.


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