I'm trying to get data from sensors on a sketch but the data forwarder could not detect frequency

I’m trying to get data from sensors via the data forwarder but I keep getting the following message:

[SER] Failed to get information off device Could not detect frequency, only a single reading received in 1 second, the data forwarder can only auto-detect frequencies >2Hz. You can override the frequency via --frequency.

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Context/Use case:
I am trying to get sensor data from an OYMotion sEMG sensor

Hi @caimanpool,

What is the sampling frequency of your sensor?

You can add the --frequency 1 option (if frequency is 1 Hz) to the data forwarder is order to bypass the auto detection.


Its set to 50Hz in my sketch, if it’s set to --frequency 1, will it only send data at 1Hz or will it just ignore the frequency detection?

It will send at 1 Hz but I’d suggest using frequency 50 if it’s the expected one.

I tried setting it to 50 and this is what I got, I think these might be my sensor readings but I’m not sure why they’re appearing here

Can you share your sketch on how you forward data on the serial port?