Im making a school school project using open mv cam and i need help with training a object detection model

So i am making a object detection model for camera but i have a problem and that is the model size is always to big for the cameras flash memory by a few kb how could i reduce this size. Also if anyone is willing to help and give any tips on how to make the process less of a hassle would be great because currently i am uploading 400 photos to edge impulse and have to manually draw a rectangle around the object on every photo is there a faster way because i plan on adding more photos and it would just take forever.

Hello @destinko497,

  1. Reduce the size of your model. If you are working with an object detection model. You can try the FOMO architecture with a 96x96 images. This should be able to run on microcontrollers. If you don’t need the colors, you can also use greyscale images to reduce the size of your model.

  2. Auto/assisted labeling.
    You can have a look at Labeling queue (Object Detection) | Edge Impulse Documentation and Auto-labeler (Object Detection) | Edge Impulse Documentation